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A. I.

(Don't be lazy, I write these in english for YOUR own education: read 'em.)

Artificial Inteligence is the study that overlaps fields such as computer science, psychology, engineering, neurology and even philosophy; aiming to create machines with intelligent behavior, learning and adaptation.

Whenever we hear about A.I. we usually think about futuristic anthropomorphic robots such as the ones depicted in works such as I Robot or A. I., or smart military supercomputers such as Terminator movies' Skynet.

Nevertheless, interesting A. I. projects currently exist within the reach of common people, and this post means to review one of them: 20Q.

20Q consists in a game where the user thinks of an object, and then answers questions posed by the program in a "Yes" or "No" answer fashion, which lead the program to the correct guess. "Unknown", "Irrelevant", "Sometimes","Doubtfully" and "Probably" answers were later added. The game's objective is to force the program to ask more than 20 questions before guessing what you're thinking. You'd think it's quite easy to accomplish, and in the program's early stages it may have been so, but I assure you, the program is astoundingly efficient at the present time.

20Q was created in 1988 by Robin Burgener as an A.I. experiment, based on the classic game Twenty Questions. This program learns only from interaction with users, it has no programmed answers. 20q uses an artificial neural network to pick the questions and then make the proper guesses.

There are versions of 20Q in 19 different languages, and there are also specialty variations of the program's database, such as "music" or "movies". 20Q has a success rate between 73 and 78%. The autor says this is because the algorithm is intentionally "flawed", so that the user has more chances to beat the program, keeping it entertaining and therefore allowing the program to continue learning.

Try it out @

10 comentarios:

Blogger Pequeña Saltamontes said...

Interesting post!

It's simply amazing all this A. I. stuff.

Do the androids dream of electrical sheep?

Saludos, besos, abrazos y sonrisas.

Y cuando quieras te invito a mi banquita ;)

7/15/2007 12:51:00 pm  

Blogger Pequeña Saltamontes said...

Jajaja... tá bien. Era un ejemplo cuasi-críptico.

El punto es que dijiste "nadie es inalcanzable"... yo añadiría "hasta que te conviertes en su pretendiente".


Me hace pensar en algo que me escribió mi amigo Luis Alberto...

Ah... y serías tú quien se iría al infierno :P

7/15/2007 06:14:00 pm  

Blogger Maquiavélica said...

oye te has olvidado de mi, ya no quieres parlar en el msn:(
besitos maquiavelicos¡¡¡¡¡

7/16/2007 11:57:00 am  

Anonymous Burns said...

hears it is the first time that I read in English and if I understand him a little bit, for that reason now I also write some English, jajaja.

That of the IA reminds me the programs of the pelican I no longer want to know anything about that.

That dirt game of the matches like it hates it, so that you reminded me that.

Bueno espero que se entienda un poquito lo que pusé, jaja sino pues none of Your facken Busness. jajaja osea no hagas pedo.

Burns was here.

7/16/2007 01:38:00 pm  

Blogger Pequeña Saltamontes said...

I hadn't noticed the picture!

"I can read your mind"

Are you the Eye in the sky?

7/16/2007 03:36:00 pm  

Blogger Robert said...

Well I see that you have not the enough intelligence to express your self as well as you do it in English on Spanish.


7/16/2007 06:43:00 pm  

Blogger Israfel said...

Mimí: Whenever I have the chance, been kinda busy lately.

Y me permito diferir. Yo diría "No one's unreachable until you render them so."

Una de las ventajas de ser panteísta ateo, además de comer carne en vigilia, es evitarme la molestia de ir al infierno. Life's bad enough without hell.

Pd. ¡Qué retro te oíste con eso del "Eye in the sky"!

Susi: Ya ni te he visto en el MSN. Es que he andado ocupado y desfasado. Eso de los besitos maquiavélicos suena apetecible. O=P

Burns: Bueno, veo progreso. Sólo voy a hacer una recomendación abierta al público en general. Lo barato sale caro, y el huevón trabaja doble. Which means: Aunque sea más fácil utilizar un traductor en línea, generalmente te devolverá gibberish. Por lo que mi sugerencia es, aunque les de más hueva, conseguir un diccionario (un larousse está bien).

Jajajaja, se me hace que el programa es más inteligente que el pelícano. Después de todo funciona sin una TI.

Pd. usa el diccionario para buscar "gibberish".

Robert: I disagree. I'm equally uncapable to communicate in either language.

7/18/2007 04:36:00 am  

Blogger Pequeña Saltamontes said...

Perhaps, perhaps...

Pero... ya es tiempo de que reconozca mi derrota y mi barca vaya a otros puertos.

O a otras bancas :P

7/18/2007 12:08:00 pm  

Blogger Pequeña Saltamontes said...

Le gané a ese juego como 5 veces...

Los recuerdos... tú y tu espada del augurio :P

Saludos, besos, abrazos y sonrisas.

9/28/2007 09:37:00 pm  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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